ZJ40CZ/K drilling rig

Date: 28 Jan 2010
* This kind of drilling rigs are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec Q1、4F、7k、8C and RP500,GB3826.1、GB3836.2 GB7258,SY6584 standards as well as“3C”compulsory standard.

* This kind of drilling rigs can be used to drill water wells with the Max. depth of 300 meters and Max wellhead diameter of 500mm and to drill the gas wells with the foregoing same specification and to complete workover operations.

* The water-well drilling rig is mobile rig. And a heavy-duty and cruise chassis is utilized for loading the hoisting/spinning and circulation system integrally, which has a good motion performance. The operations of these kind of drilling rigs, such as, hoisting operation, spinning operation and the slurry circulations are driven hydraulically,. The parameters for drilling water well can be adjusted automatically.

* The water-well drilling rigs also have a function of auto bit feed and high working efficiency, equipped with pressure device for pressurization and depressurization to DP.

* A hydraulic brake and a Crown-O-Matic as well as a hydraulic source under the substructure are installed respectively with the purposes of meeting drilling-process requirements and of insuring safety and reliability of the rigs.

* Safety and inspection measures are strengthened under the guidance of the design concept of “Humanism Above All” to meet the requirements of HSE.

The main technical specification for the water-well drilling rigs

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