Date: 08 Dec 2009
The water well drilling rig model SPC—300S( Fig.1), is a truck mounted rig for both rotary, and percussive drilling, with all its components are mounted on the “STEYR” brand truck. The rig is mechanically driven with on part of its operating mechanism being hydraulic and the other part being mechanical.
In addition to the main operating made of rotary drilling by rotary table. The drilling rig is provided with percussive drilling mechanism, which is of high adaptability, suitable for drilling through various strata such as clay, sand, conglomerate and matrix. For rotary drilling, mud is used as flushing fluid (positive cycle). Moreover, the two—arms drilling tool is equipped as air lifting reverse cycle; The shallow—bore hammer tool, air compressor and speed reducer of increasing rotary table are equipped as foam drilling, Auger tool is equipped as Auger drilling.
At the beginning of boring, pressuring mechanism may be used for drill tool to effect pressuring drilling, thus promoting the efficiency of shallow hole drilling. With the increased depth, when the weight of the drill tool is greater than the pressure required to apply to the drill tool, the main hoisting system should be used to carry out reduced—pressure drilling.
Percussion mechanism is used for drilling through conglomerate stratum.
The drilling rig is provided with one main hoist and tow secondary hoists.
The main hoist is used for lifting or lowering of the drill tool, lowering of the well pipe, reduced-pressure drilling and percussive drilling.
One of the secondary hoists is used for driving percussive earth excavator or other coring tool and sand reel to extract sand sample or core and silt in the well. The other secondary hoist is used for elevating the movable table.
The drilling rig are equipped four jacks to reduce physical labour and improve install efficiency.
The drilling rig isn’t used the truck engine. It is separately equipped diesel engine (The buyer can choose model 6135AN or F6L912 or BF6L913 etc diesel engine).
Notation of the drilling rig :S P C – 300 S
S---water well hydrogeological
P---rotary table
300---drilling depth
S--- mounted on STEYR
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