Series of Truck-mounted Drilling Rigs

Date: 19 Jun 2009
Power system, drawworks, mast, traveling system and driving devices of truck mounted drilling rig are mounted on a self-propelled chassis for high efficient mobilization. With more than 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing of workover/drilling rigs, SJ has developed truck-mounted drilling rigs with drilling depth of 3,280' (1000m), 4,920' (1500m), 6,560' (2000m), 9,840' (3000m) and 13,123'(4000m) which is the largest truck-mounted drilling rig, and static hook load ranging from 253000lbs (1125kN) to 505800lbs (2250kN). The truck- mounted drilling rigs feature heavy working load, reliable performance, good cross-country capability, easy mobilization and low cost, which are suitable for the drilling operation of medium depth and shallow oil well on land, desert and plateau.
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SJ petroleum machinery co
#1, SJ Road, Jingzhou Hubei, China[434020]
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