Rotary Drilling Rig (TS-20 )

Date: 09 Dec 2009

TS-20rotary drilling rig has been designed and built for domestic deep foundation
   works and large diameter build-up rotary drilling rig using obverse and reverse
   circulation drilling techniques.It is suitable for the foundation construction of large
   diameter bored piles like buildings,bridges,ports,electric stations,etc..Mechanical
   transmis-sion,mechanical and hydraulic operation make it very easy to run.


    Hydraulic raising and lower mast guarantees to reduce the labour intensity
   and shrink work time.
    The double floors can be used to make room for the hole instead of removing
   the drilling rig,easy to raise and lower the drilling bit.
    With the rotary table of slow speed,big torque and big diameter,the complete
   machine has a reasonable structure and is easy for dismounting.
    The complete machine transport is easy to realize.  

   Main technical data

    Drilling diameter mm Φ800-Φ2000
    Drilling depth m 80
    Maximum output torque N·m 32
    Driving drilling rod mm 229×229×3750
    Slave drilling rod m Φ219×Φ201×3000
    Throughhole diameter of rotary table mm Φ610
    Rotation speed r/min 8.1  14.3 22.2
    25.8 39.2 70.5
    Pullback of main winch N 30
    Pullback of auxiliary winch N 30
    Vertical height of mast m 8.6
    Weight t 10
    Overall dimensio mm 9600×2700×2415

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Shandong Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant
1,3rd District,Dianliu,xincun,Jinan,Shandong[0]
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