MDL-*D series Anchor Caterpillar Drilling Rig

Date: 07 Dec 2009

MDL-60A、MDL-80D1、MDL-100D1、MDL-120D1 Anchor Caterpillar Drilling Rig is a high efficiency drilling rig mainly for anchoring, jet grouting and dewatering, which is well designed and produced by Jiangsu Wuxi Mineral Exploration Machinery General Factory Co., Ltd. This series Drilling Rig is all-hydraulic operated drill accordance with the requirements of subway, high-rise building, airport and the other deep foundation pit.

Main characters:

1、 Apply to various construction technique:

1.1 Anchor. It can be used in anchor drilling when the main shaft connect with drill rod /drill pipe, casing, also with casing-followed drill tools.

1.2 Jet-grouting. It can be used in single-pipe, double-pipe and triple-pipe jet-grouting, etc.

It can meet the following construction technique after equipped different module,:

1.3 Dewatering for foundation pit    1.4 Micro-pile

1.5 Investigation (After equipped the hoist module and orifice device module and so on, it can be used in engineering geological exploration which hole depth is less than 100m) (exclude CPT and Dynamic Penetration)

2、Based on different stratum, we can adjust torque and rotary speed of drilling rig to increase drilling rig’s adaptability. At the same time, we can adjust torque and rotary speed according client’s request. 

3、With the crawler, it has fast mobility, accurate location, time-saving, good reliability and stability and other technical feature.

4、It can reduce labor intensity and increase efficiency after equip the clamping and breaking device.

5、We also Research and Design the match drilling tools to meet the following construction technology:

5.1 Anchor    5.2 Jet-grouting   5.3 Mud Positive Circulating Drill.   5.4 DTH hammer Impact Drill by Air.                        5.5DTH Hammer Impact Drill by Water.      5.6 Multi-liquid Reverse Circulating Drill.

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