MDL-80E Multifuctional Drilling Rig

Date: 07 Dec 2009
MDL-80E Multifuctional Drilling Rig is suitable for many kinds of the drill technologys and methods, such as Anchor Drill, DTH Hammer Impact Drill by Air, DTH Hammer Impact Drill by Water, Mud Positive Circulating Drill, Multi-liquid Reverse Circulating Drill, and effectively resolves difficulties of the drill work in loose cover land, gravel ground and fragmentation rock area, when it faces to a variety of the stratums and complex work situations.
    MDL-80E Multifuctional Drilling Rig Drilling Rig will be widely applied in GSHPs hole drilling; water well drilling; large tonnage prestressed anchor hole drilling or the drain hole in the side slopes of water power station dam, railway, highway, etc; underground boring in pipe shed construction; grouting fixing hole and small base peg; coast preventing and collapse recruiting construction and so on.
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