MD-*A Series Slope Anchor Drilling Rig

Date: 07 Dec 2009

MD-*A drilling rig is mainly for the anchoring engineering of coast and dangerous rock/cliff mass for geological disaster prevention activity, and the anchoring engineering of high-edge slope or dangerous rock body etc to control displacement of buildings, and also for supporting of deep-foundation pit and groundwork reinforcing engineering in urban construction site, for blowing up engineering or blowing up hole etc.

The drilling rig is divided into three parts that is main frame, pump station and control station. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. The operator can operate the drilling rig far from the hole to improve work environment. When the work environment is small, client can select the mast of 1200mm length.


Main characteristics:

1、compact structure, light weight, strong disassembly, easy moving and installing, strong applicability to construction site, more suitable for constructing on the falsework.

2、Equipped with special casing-followed drill tools (such as drill rod, casing, eccentric bits etc), using the casing-wall protecting-boring technology in unstable stratum and deploying the spheroid drill bit to finish the boring. High drilling efficiency and satisfy boring quality.

3、This drilling rig has a wide scope of drill angle from elevation 10°to depression 90°or alternated to elevation 90°to depression 10°, the slide frame can sliding and moving to-and–fro along with bottom frame with easy and reliable drilling and orientation. The drill rig is lower in the central so that moving of drill tolls up-and-down is very convenient.

4、Total hydraulic control with easy operating, saving time and energy.
5、With orifice dust-collecting device to reduce environment pollution and to improve working environment

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