Drilling Rig(ZJ40DB )

Date: 24 Jul 2009
Nominal drilling depth range (Ф114mm drill pipe): 2,500-4,000m (Ф127mm drill pipe): 2,000-3,200m Max .hook load: 2,250kN Rated power of drawwoks: 1,100kW Transmission of drawwoks: 1+1R driven by AC variable frequency motor, stepless speed regulation Max. number of lines of hoisting equipment: 10(5×6) Diameter of wire line: Ф32mm O.D. of sheave of hoisting system: Ф1, 120mm Max. Load of hoisting system: 2,250kN I.D. of swivel stem: Ф75mm Nominal diameter of table opening: Ф698.5mm Transmission of rotary table: 1+1R driven independently by AC variable frequency motor, stepless speed regulation Type and clear height of mast: “K” type, 43m Height of drilling floor: 7.5m Height from the ground to the bottom of rotary table beam: 6.3m Power drive mode: AC-DC-AC one-by-one full digital variable frequency Model and number of diesel Generator set: CAT3512A×3 Power and Number of auxiliary generator set: 1×292kW Power and Number of AC variable frequency motor: 1×600kW, 1×1,100kW, 2×1,000kW, and 1 × 37kW AC variable frequency control unit: Control one-by-one 5 units
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Liaohe petroleum equipment company
Yingbin Road No.32 Xinglongtai District, Panjin City, Liaoning Province,China[124010]
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