Digital Control VF Rig

Date: 28 Aug 2009

Adopting digital-control technique, computer technique and integrating mechanics, electricity, hydraulics and pneumatics into design, the intelligent control for drilling rig is realized through PLC technology and touch screen.

 Adopting AC VF motor drive, the drawworks, rotary table and mud pump achieves stepless speed regulating.

The drawworks is a structure with single shaft, gear transmission, stepless speed regulating, the brake adopts hydraulic disk brake and dynamic brake together, with structure simple and performance reliable.

Adopting constant WOB auto-bit-feed device, patent of Honghua, the WOB control precision is very perfect.

The rig realizes the function for collecting, displaying, storing, printing and transmission of drilling parameters, and has the function of multi-points monitoring and communication.

The rig achieves the full digital-control or digital closed-loop control for travelling block position, trip speed, safety preset and interlock protection, has the function of preventing “ collide up and impact down ” and preventing “ pumping and obstructing ” .

Having online monitoring system for working state of mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic implements; failure alarm and failure self-diagnosis system, can keep the working condition of equipments and do troubleshooting easily.

The driller control cabin is independent and lifted hydraulically (ZJ70DBS), not to contact drill floor, with little vibration and convenient for installation and teardown. The driller control cabin is a pressurization unit for explosion – proof (certificated). The drillers can complete all drilling operation sitting on the operating chair, it radically remodels their operation manner and working condition, lightens their labor intensity.

It can be equipped with rig moving device, satisfying the requirement for cluster well drilling.

Satisfying the requirement for TDS installation.

Basic Parameter Of Varied Rigs

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