Date: 09 Mar 2009
BOMCO developed the first ZJ90DB super deep well AC VFD drilling rig in China in 2005. As the important technology equipment project of the National "Tenth Five Year" and one of the top 10 science and technology developing project of CNPC, BOMCO took over 13 key technology difficulties, got 10 series innovative achievements and 5 national patents. The success of the ZJ90DB rig makes the China as one of the few countries which can make 9000 m depth drilling rig, and helps our country got the magnitude penetration in super deep well drilling. The first ZJ90DB rig works in No.1 well of Moshen in ZhunGar Basin. TECHNICAL FEATURES Wide frequency, large power motor driving, entire stepless change for drawworks, rotary table and mud pump; Adopting advanced full numerical AC VFD technology, intellectual drilling control is accomplished through PLC, touch screen and integrated design of air, electric, hydraulic parts and drilling instrumentation; The main motor or the independent motor can realize automatic-drilling, the intellectualization traveling block position control; The protection of the air-hydraulic pressure lose, electric control system, motor failure, rotary table torque limitation, pump pressure limit etc; Operations for air, electric and hydraulic control, drilling data and parameters are all in the cabin. Adopt intellectual soft-starter,ET200 or ASI model to protect and monitor MCC system Uses the PLC to realize the logical control, monitoring and the protection during entire drilling process.
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Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd
2 Dongfeng Road, Baoji, Shaanxi, P. R. China[721002]
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