Date: 09 Mar 2009
ZJ120/9000DB drilling rig is the major new product of CNPC, and also belongs to"863"program of National Eleventh Five-year Period. In 2007, BOMCO produces the first 12000m drilling rig (ZJ120/9000DB Drilling Rig) in China. This will promote the technology level of ultra-deep well oilfield equipment greatly. In November 2007, BOMCO finished the most advanced super deep well VFD drilling rig whose drilling depth reaches 12000 meters. Patent: Seven Items of Utility Model Patent: New type energy-saving large power drawworks, new type gearshift mechanism of drawworks, split grooved drum, hydraulic-lift A-frame of mast, etc. Two Items of Patent for Invention: Simultaneous cooling of inner and outer surfaces of liner, casting and manufacturing method for traveling system of drilling rigs. TECHNICAL FEATURES: 6000HP drawworks,adopts the modular design not only suitable for integral transportation but also for sectional transportation. 52m mast and 12m swing up substructure. It is raised by drawworks power. The drawworks is installed and running at lower position. -40℃ high strength structure steel suitable for drilling in extreme cold areas. Large-tonnage traveling blocks, crown blocks and rotary table Developed by BOMCO. Optimization design of electrical control system, with the function of variable speed control.
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Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd
2 Dongfeng Road, Baoji, Shaanxi, P. R. China[721002]
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