Date: 08 Dec 2009
The drilling rig Model TGS-1A is a dismountable rig that can drill large diameter foundation pile holes in the Quaternary overlying stratum and common rocks. The rig is widely used in foundation construction of bridges, highways, multistory buildings.
Equipped with mud pump, the rig can be used for positive circulating drilling. If equipped with pump station, drilling tools and equipment, the rig can also be used for negative circulating drilling with mud or drilling with air.
The rig is structured in dismountable components, all the main components(electric motor, transmission box, main hoist, assistant hoist, rotating table and drill tower) can be installed onto the dismountable base plate.  Transportation and handing is easy owing to its dismount ability. At the rig base there equipped an arc-shaped hanger for rolling or sliding mechanism. Together with proper rollers the rig can be moved inside the site with the aid of the assistant hoist.
Our  "Huanghe" drilling rig's base plate is installed in the rig and the main hoist is a planetary transmission mechanism with reasonable and reliable performance, safety and endurance.
The rotating table, hoist transmission and motor starting cabinet for the rig can be ordered separately.
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