DC-driven drilling rigs

Date: 21 Dec 2009

Features of DC-driven drilling rigs:

● The basic parameters of drilling rigs follows the regulations regulated by the industrial standard SY/T5609-1999 the Types of Petroleum Drilling rigs and Basic Parameters.

● DC-driven drilling rigs is equipped with the advanced AC-SCR-DC power system in the world, drilling rigs can undertake stepless speed regulation to draw-works, rotary table and mud pump so as to obtain favorable drilling performance; besides, the power system with AC frequency conversion speed control and digital control technology can also adjust lifting speed, rotation speed of rotary table and strokes of mud pump, improve speed control performance and use rate of power of draw-works, rotary table and mud pump.

● With parallelogram integrated lifting sub-structure (7.5m, 9m, 10.5m and 12m in height), platform equipment and Derrick can be installed at low position and lifted up completely by draw-works.

● Draw-works is equipped with hydraulic pressure disc brake which has the powerful brake function and reliable. Brake pad operating handle is assembled in driller’s control room and driller’s working position is changed into “indoor seat type” from “open type” so as to reduce sharply the laboring intensity of driller.

● Since rotary table chain box of draw-works is assembled under derrick floor so that it has large operating space, it is helpful for rotation of chain box and overall conveyance of draw-works, convenient to install rotary table.

● Auxiliary brake of draw-works can either equip an eddy current brake or EATON brake which is stable and reliable, also saves labor and easy to control, so that operation life of brake wheel net (disc) and brake block can be extended accordingly. Meanwhile, notch of roller can arrange wire rope properly, and over-wind valve bumping-free bridge crane device is flexible and correct.

● Owing to the driving device, rotary table can either be driven directly by motor or draw-works through chain, so that these two sets of driving device can sharply improve reliability of drilling rigs and satisfy the well drilling. The modularized combination and folding cable slot are easy for transportation..

● Since drilling rigs is variable, its parts are universal, standardized and has highly home-made rate, so that it is easy to maintain. Since the main parts meet the specifications of API Standard, so that such drilling rigs can participate in the international bidding.

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