Omnipotence isolates pipe connection

1.The self-sealing pipe joint automatically opens when mounting is finished and closes when dismantled, eliminating the possibility of polluting the environment  by the out-flowing media,saving the operational cost,preventing the machines from abrasion by the sand and dust coming in the pipes and machines and reducing hazards for accidents. It allows easy mounting and dismounting, reduces labor intensity and saves operating time. The materials used fully comply with ASTM and AISI standards of USA. The product and parts are all treated against corrosion.The pipe joint provides resistance to high pressure, reliable sealing, uniform standard and good exchangeability.

The universal self-sealing pipe joint provides automatic regulation depending on the connection direction, neat and aesthetic arrangements of pipelines and reduced fatigue resistance in the pipelines.

2.The self-sealing pipe joint is classified into the following three major families depending on the constructions:

Fast self-sealing steel ball pipe joint

Three-claw self-sealing union pipe joint

Pin key plug-in self-sealing pipe joint

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