Christmas Tree Valve

Date: 01 Apr 2010
Christmas Tree Valve
1) Fix the drilled wellhead, connect wellhead casing string, seal and control the annular of casing, suspend tubing, control wellhead pressure and adjust flow rate, also induce oil into outlet pipeline, shut off oil well when necessary, and apply to acid fracturing, water injection and test services.
2) Meet requirements Standards of API Spec 6A.
3) Consist of casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree.
4) Apply to all kinds of casing, tubing programs and connection forms.
5) Feature reliable running, simple and convenient operating and repairing.
6) Can be equipped with pneumatic(hydraulic) safety valve.
7) Working Pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI.
8) Working Medium: Oil, natural gas, mud and gas containing H2S and CO2.
9) The Offshore Wellhead and christmas tree, Which is treated specially and made of high strength and anti-corrosion materials, can apply to the wells of severe conditions such as high humidity and high corrosion, The maximum working pressure depends on the connection methods of the product.
10) Water injection Wellhead and Christmas tree are a kind of be used for augment oil reservoir suck water sum breed liquid ability, Keeps stratum energy's ground device. Wellhead equipment long-term job at high degree of mineralization sewage in, And humidity compares high, So, In design process, We not only consider go its applicability, Credibility, And give back consider go to material's request and antiseptic treatment, Critical accessory adopt high intensity, Endures corrode material which is treated specially. And can according to consumer need supply possess PRO and con irrigation, PRO and con washes well, Irrigates test wait for functional device.
11) The thermal recovery wellhead and Christmas tree is mainly used in wells using steam stimulation or other thermal recovery methods. Valve body, valve cover, valve plate, valve stem and so on are made of materials with good high temperature creep resistance, the valves can operate at temperature up to Centigrade 370(Fahrenheit 698)and open or close under high pressure and high temperature without any deformation, Even at Centigrade 370, the sealings can still maintain good sealing performance.
12) Working Temperature: -20 oF~698 oF
13) Material Grade: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF.
14) Nominal diameter(in): 2 6/16~3 1/16
15) Size of connecting casing in: 5 1/2~10 3/4
16) Connection type: Flange and Clamp
17) Can provide corresponding specifications tubing head and casing head
18) Specification Level: PSL1~4
19) Performance Level: PR1~2
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