HF bit for hard formations

Petroleum exploration has been developed to deep formations gradually, in deep formations (compact plastic mudstone, lava and granite etc.,), low ROP restrict the economic of development in deep well or super-deep well. Failure types, such as tooth break, tooth wear, cone tip wear and bit diameter shrink etc., usually appear when conventional cone bits drill in hard formations. So we have developed HF series bit for hard formations through analyze and research these failure types deeply and make use of advanced computer 3D simulation technology and lots of platform experiments.

Result in site shows HF series bit has the advantages of long service life, high reliability, fast ROP and strong gage protection ability etc.. HF series bit is the ideal choice for drilling in hard formations and strong abrasive formations effectively and safely.
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Kingdream Public Limited Company
No. 5, Huagongyuan No. 1 Road, East Lake New-Tech. Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China[430223]
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