Drill Bits

The tricone rock bits are important tools used for drilling, and are widely used for geological prospecting, development of oil and gas. In addition, they are used for drilling water wells, blast holes, and making holes for seismic prospecting, and used in construction engineering. Now , there are eleven common types of tricone rock bits ,which include Y ,P ,M ,MP ,HP ,PC ,XMP ,SH ,SHJ ,SHT and SK series in the markets to meet those different requirements of drilling . The size of the gauge diameter and the sizes and types of connections are strictly designed in accordance with the standards and specifications in API Spec.7, and have attained the certificate of the American Petroleum Institute (API) .

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Rugao Yaou Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd
23#, Haiyang North Road, Rugao, Jiangsu, China [226500]
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