pdc coring bit (sintered matrix body )

Date: 16 Apr 2010
outside diameter:113mm Shandong TOPS PDC Bit Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) drill bits . Our company complies with the Quality Assurance Requirements of ISO9000:2001 and our product has authorized by API. Besides that we have the independent import and export right. Our Trademark is TOPS. Our main product is PDC drill bit. Which is mainly applicable for the following industry: I. For Petroleum /Natural Gas Exploration and Development Model: 8 1/2 " 8 3/4 " 4 wings 5 wings 6wings II. For Geological exploration and Mining i.Coring Bits Model: -75 -94 -113 -133 -146 -152 -171 -219 -273 ii.Full-hole Bits Model: -75 -94 -113 -133 -152 iii .PDC anchor Bits Model: -28 -32 -42 Shandong TOPS PDC Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful water city Liaocheng,China. Mr Xichun Jia, general Manager , together with all staff extend our sincere regards to you. Welcome customers from domestic and abroad to negotiate and purchase. Address: 293 Liaohe Road, Liaocheng , Shandong, CHINA Website: http:// www.sd-tops.cn
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Shangdong Tops PDC Bit Co.,Ltd
No293. Liaohe road ,liaocheng,shandong[252000]
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