pdc bit ,sintered tungsten carbide matrix bit,pdc coring bit

Date: 16 Apr 2010
1. For Petroleum /Natural Gas Exploration and Development Model: 8 1/2 " 8 3/4 " (4 wings 5 wings 6wings)

2. For Geological exploration
  A.Core Bits Model: Φ75 Φ94 Φ113 Φ133 Φ146 Φ152 Φ171 Φ219 Φ273
  B. Full-hole Bits a. a.PDC drill Bits (pillar bit ,concave bit) Model: Φ75 Φ94 Φ113 Φ133 Φ152 b. b.Drag Bits Model: Φ75 Φ94 Φ113 Φ133 III. For Minin
       i. PDC anchor Bits Model: Φ28 Φ32 Φ42
       ii. Degassing hole Bits (tungsten matrix;steel matrix) Model: Φ65 Φ75 Φ94 Φ113 Φ133
       iii. Exploration Bits a. Core Bits b. Full-hole Bits (PDC drill Bits; Drag Bits) c.PDC drill Bits(4wings 5 wings 6wings)
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