All bearings are roller bearing, all shaft material are alloy steel.

The chains adopt forced lubrication.

The drum is grooved. The high speed end and low speed end of drum adopt pneumatic tube clutch; the brake drum for band brake adopt forced water cooling; the brake disk for disk brake adopt forced water cooling or air cooling; the brake drum and brake disk are case-hardening treated with excellent wear-resistance capacity and long service life.

The tooth profile of sprocket are intermediate frequency hardening treated, all shifting clutch are clutch. with involute spline.

The main brake are band brake or hydraulic disk brake, the assistant brake are dynamic brake, eddy current brake or EATON brake.
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Shanghai Meifa Machinery Equipment Co, Ltd
Room 2301.2310, Zhonglian Building,No.540 Caoyang RoadShagnhai,China [200062]
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