Draw works

Features of Draw works:

● Shafts use ball bearing. All axes and sprocket wheels are made from alloy steel. Chain is lubricated with forced lubricating oil, roller has wire rope slot, and high and low ends of roller are equipped with ventilation pneumatic clutch. Brake net (or brake disc) is cooled with circulating water, its surface is undertaken middle-frequency quencher so that it resists friction and has long life operation. Meanwhile, tooth of sprocket is also undertaken middle-frequency quencher. All clutches to shift gears are involute spline clutch. Main brake is belt or disc type. Auxiliary brake is configured with eddy current brake or EATON brake. Draw-works meets API Spec 7K regulations so that it is allowed to put on an API Label.

The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Shanghai Pudong Yiling Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
No.5085 Dongchuan Road Pudong New District Shanghai People's Republic of China [0]
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