● SG-type Series cargo lift is developed by our company especially for parts lifting .The lift’ moving is base on a gear moving up and down on a gear rack..The lift boasts the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful shape, foldable, convenient transportation, stable loading operation and security and reliability, etc. 
● Its system is equipped with SAJ-type falling-proof device, which can restrict lift cage from over speed and can effectively prevent lift cage from accidental falling. The speed range and braking time of the falling-proof device can be adjusted and users can set it within the allowable scope according relevant safety regulations, on-site requirements and comprehensive consideration to ensure lift can both run efficiently and effectively be braked when exceeding the scope of safety performance. 
● Our lift are also equipped with cycloid reducer and explosion-proof lifting wheel braking electromotor. The reducer adopts new planet mechanical transmission principle and cycloid gear. HP elevator is equipped with HP motor and self oil supply. In addition, SG4 type can even provide derrick, etc. with assistant hydraulic power source.
● The series of lift is equipped with phase order device and checking phase order device at the first power supply connection can determine rotating direction of electromotor to ensure safe operation. For the sake of convenient transportation, lift frame can be made foldable to connect with external installation fastening device in bolts.

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Shanghai Pudong Yiling Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
No.5085 Dongchuan Road Pudong New District Shanghai People's Republic of China [0]
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