Shandong Yuanzheng Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Yuanzheng Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Linyi county in which Linpan oil Extraction Factory of Shengli Oilfield(the second largest national oilfield)is located, Shandong Province, China, and neighbors on the beautiful spring city----Jinan.Our company occupies 96600m2 area and owns about 200 million RMB fixed assets, with over 900 staffs, 420 of which are professional technicians, and among them there are 270 members having achieved junior professional title, 80 having achieved senior. Our company has its own Product Research & Design Department and Quality Management Department.
  And our company has got the American Petroleum Institute (API) Quality Management System certification. Our main products cover ZJ20/1350, ZJ30/1700, ZJ40/2250,ZJ50/3150,ZJ70/4500 mechanical oil rigs, electrical VF digital-control oil rigs, DC electric oil rigs, independent rotary table driven oil rigs and all types of accessories, such as derricks, substructures, drawworks, crown blocks, rotary tables, linkage machines and all types of driven units, etc. And every year we can produce more than 20 sets of oil rigs which values about 600 million RMB. And our products are mainly sold to the major domestic oilfields and foreign markets. Such as the Middle East, South Africa , South America, and Kazakhstan, Iran, India and so on. Founded in the year 2003, Shandong Yuanzheng Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has established an integrated management system which includes development and research, matching production and after-sales service through the efforts of all staffs.Our company manufactures and designs the products in strict accordance with the "American Petroleum Institute (API) Management System" and with the standards of related Petroleum Ministry of China. Two-tier inspection system for all products ensures products' quality, which has been proved from feedback of customers.Shandong Yuanzheng Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has a young and energetic management team, and the members responsible for Product Development and Research and Design are composed of elder with experience, middle-aged and youth with skillness, which is a perfect combination of experience and innovation. With the objective of our company "make first-class product and be first-class enterprise", we are confidently heading for the brilliant and splendid future!

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Middle of Yuanzheng Road, Linyi Economic Development Zone, Shandong, China.[251500]
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