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Through edification of Dunhuang Culture and Jingchu Culture, SJ Petroleum Machinery Co., founded in 1941, has become a large-scale manufacturing base for petroleum drilling and production equipment from a small-scale ordinary auto repairing works after sixty-five years of development, based on research and manufacturing technologies for various special petroleum vehicles.
In the 1980s, we already had the capability of providing 1000 sets of pumping units each year, and then introduced seven advanced technologies for workover rigs, cementing units, fracturing packages, fracturing pump and high pressure fluid control products. Thus our research and development capabilities and comparative advantage steadily grew. We can now supply four major categories of products including drilling & workover equipment, production equipment, offshore drilling & production equipment and high pressure manifolds, 12 families and more than 200 types of products. In the new century, facing new opportunities and challenges, SJ has accelerated the research and application of new technologies and developed some new products including modular rigs, Big Easy rigs, snub rigs, fracturing quintaplex pumps and mud pumps, based on our philosophy of scientific innovation, collaboration with well-known international research and development institutes and keeping pace with the leading edge technologies for petroleum drilling and production equipment in the world market. We are striving to enhance our innovation strength and core competitive power, and develop new products according to market demands. Our after-service principle of “repair first, claim second” and sincerity to customers increasingly has given us good reputation in the world market, and our products a high market share.
There is an old Chinese saying “people who keep doing will always succeed, and people who keep walking will always reach their destinations”, which is also our business philosophy. Facing the future market variety and endless hopes, SJ has set a goal to become a household word, and will continue to speed up technical innovation and modification, and introduce modern management system. SJ is dedicated to providing quality products and services for customers worldwide, and excellent working and health conditions for employees. The development of SJ is closely related to customers, employees and social community, therefore SJ will always focus on excellent customer service, employee benefits and social harmony.
I would like to thank all the customers, experts and friends in the petroleum and petrochemical industries for their support and help. SJ is willing to embrace every sunrise and share the splendid future with all of you.
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