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Rongsheng Machinery Manufacture Ltd. Of Huabei Oilfield, Hebei (original name is Second Machinery Manufacture Ltd. Of Huabei Oilfield), is a composite petroleum machinery manufacture producing production and drilling equipment and Oil Country Tubular Goods, and it is also a main plant of “China Petroleum Well Control Equipment Manufacturing and Assembling Center”.

  Rongsheng was set up in 1976, the front is Second Machinery Manufacture Ltd. Of Huabei Oilfield, it is reformed as a limited company in May 28 2002. There are 1000 employees in the company. Rongsheng covers 230000 m2, and 63000 m2 are construction area. Possess of 30 millions fixed asserts. 8 special producing branches are set such as Casting & Forging , Well Control , Tubing, Pumping Unit, Tool Joint, Mud Pumping, KaiYuan and oxygen manufacture and Xilin Branch. 400 set of advanced machines and 40 are CNC. Annual output is more than 30000 tons of drilling and production equipment. Its capability is 60 millions yuan annually.

  Main products are BOP series, Tool Joint series, Tubing series, Pumping Unit series, Filter series, Sucker Pump series almost 200 types, meeting the needs of customers. For such a long period, almost all oilfields have been supporting the development of the Rongsheng, and also Rongsheng products contribute to the development of every oilfield. Products have been exported to USA, Canada, Independent Body of Soviet Union, Indonesia, Thailand and so on more than ten countries. Rongsheng have contributed to the trade of import and export of petroleum machinery products.

   Rongsheng has a perfect quality management system, and passed the certification of ISO9001, and established a completed HSE management system. Equipment with various measuring means and got Grade 2 measuring unit and assigned as a inspection and measuring station by Technical and Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province. Rongsheng has a specialized inspection team. Main products have got API monogram licenses and national production allowance licenses. BOP, Pumping Units, Tool Joints, Tubing and filters are appraised as “Satisfied Products of Hebei Province”, BOP and Tool Joints are appraised as “Famous Products of Hebei Province”, Tool Joint is appraised as “High Quality Products of Hebei Province”.

  There are 154 technical engineers, 31 are senior engineers among them. Rongsheng is equipped with advanced means and has a strong capability of research and development. CAD system have been used to perform three dimension solid model, dynamic simulation and finite element analysis. Annular BOP, Shear ram, Variable ram, 105 Mpa BOP, Diverter, and Non-kill operation system have got patents and prizes issued by national science department. Rongsheng is one of the largest manufacturers producing petroleum machinery equipment with high technical and various series products. Trade mark of Rongsheng is HBRS, and has more than 20 years history. It has taken a good honor at hom
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The Hebei Province Renqiu city engages in a HuiZhan street south.[0]
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