MuDanJiang Northmathine Co. Ltd.,

Create: 22 Jun 2010     Update: 22 Jun 2010
The company designs, manufactures and distributes machinery, oil well drillng equipments and tools.

We are committed to the long term satisfaction and success of our customers.

Quality: to ensure products to meet customer’s requirements
Service: customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed;
Accountability: to deliver high quality products on time.

The company can carry out product design, manufacturing, testing, product improvement, and reproduction of products according to customer’s requirements. The company now has manufacturing capabilities of machining, foraging, casting, stamping, electroplating etc. Our company is also willing to cooperate with you in various fields and seeking win-win business for the future.
Contact information:
87# Hailang Road Xi'an District Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China[157000]
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