Tubing ,casing and pipe

Casing, tubing and drill pipe are necessary during the drilling and producing process in the oilfield. The heat treatment, end upset of smooth pipe and the machining of the pipe are performed thoroughly according to related API Specifications.
  The production line of heat treatment with the advanced equipments and monitoring instruments can process the pipe with the sizes 2 3/8” through 7”. The end upset equipments matching with the heat treatment production line is among the few leading manufacturers in China.
  More than 60,000 tons of pipe can be heat treated annually. Seven advanced flow production line had been established in machining workshop and can machine 150,000 tons of tubing, casing, couplings, sieve tube etc with the sizes 2 3/8” through 20” and grades J55, K55, N80, L80, P110 annually.
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Dongying Jianxin Petroleum Equipment Company
Dongzhao Building,Dongying City[257000]
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