Casing Head

The casing head is a kind of part connecting casings and wellheads. It is used as supporting the weight oftechnical casing and production casing, sealing theannular space between the casings, and installing BOPstacks, It provides a transition joint for the tubing head,Christmas tree and other wellheads, It can also supplycement, monitor & control well’s sinking, and injectbalance liquids etc by the two side outlets on the casinghead housing.
The casing head manufactured by our company is a standard structure, the casing hanger produced fits well with the casing housing, and the casing hanger of different sizes are available according to the casing procedure and the change of well head conditions. The standard casing head’s top connection is API 6B or API 6BX flange.
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Yancheng sanni Petrochemical Machinery Co; Ltd
NO.18 jianyang Road,Jianhu county,Jiangsu,China[0]
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