Ram BOP(2FZ(FZ)18-70)

1)        Scope of Capability

FZ18-35 Ram BOP, which is designed and manufactured specially for well boring, production test and well repair operation, is a kind of well control equipment. It applies to high-pressure oil and gas well whose wellhead pressure doesn’t exceed 35Mpa and is able to close wellhead safely, quickly and reliably in a short time with corresponding control system. It has several pipe rams to seal 1 1/2〞, 2 3/8〞, 2 7/8〞, 3 1/2〞 drilling tools (or pipes) and the wellhead. It also can cut with shear ram. When the well is closed, the manifold can be connected to its outlet on the shell to make special operating such as mud circulation or throttling and blowing out or other else; it can suspend pipes with flat shoulder joint in emergency.

FZ18-35 Ram BOP can open/close hydraulically. Be sure to lock the rams manually with manual lock when the well should be closed for a long time.

2)        Main Structure and Principle

FZ18-35 Ram BOP has two types: single ram BOP and double ram BOP. It usually adopts top thread and bottom flange connection (also designing according to customers’ requirements).

It is approximately assembled with body, bonnet, cylinder, cylinder bonnet, piston, rod, locking shaft, sealing element and ram assembly and hinge. Its working principle is: the high pressure oil enters close chambers of the left and right cylinders and push piston and rod to move the left and right ram assembly along guide braces in ram blocks to the wellhead center. As the left contacts the right, the ram assembly is stressed by the foreign force, and rubber is extruded to deform to seal the well. While high-pressure oil enters opening chambers of the left and right cylinders, both ram assemblies will move off the well center to open the well.

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