Blowout preventer

After more than ten years explorations and the practice, the ourcompany accumulated the well drilling ejection controller, the repairof wells ejection controller, has tested a newly drilled oil well theejection controller design and the manufacture experience.
  At present the our company has succeeded has developed the pressurefrom 3.5-105Mpa (500-15000psi), passes the diameter from 180-749.3mm(71/16" -29 1/2") BOP more than 40specifications as well as the electric cable BOP, thebelt press the work installment, the current divider system, thehydril-type preventer and so on. In addition, we also may actaccording to the user request, develops other specifications theproduct.
  The our company designed the manufacture the BOP to synthesize in the structural design has absorbed theinternational various manufacturers merit, and had own characteristic,might satisfy the well drilling, the repair of wells, tests a newlydrilled oil well and so on the work well controls the technologicalrequirement, especially was suitable for the deep well, thehigh-pressure well, High sulfur element the well.

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Rongsheng Machinery Manufacture Ltd
The Hebei Province Renqiu city engages in a HuiZhan street south.[0]
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