BOP Control System

Date: 07 Jan 2010
The control system for surface mounted BOP stacks is critical for well control. The system is integrated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, information technology. The products not only meet the requirements of domestic standards,but also has got the certification of API Spec. 16D. BPM is the first one in China, the ninth in the world to acquire the certificate.
The BPM control system for surface mounted BOP stacks is characterized with following features:
The system is equipped with two pump groups. Electric pump with different flow rate and air-operated oil pump which ensures the system to work normally in case of power failure.
The design of accumulator unit meets the requirement of closing all BOP stacks and opening hydraulic valve. If any accumulator bottle failed, the total liquid loss will not exceed 25%. BPM can offer the accumulator with ASME mark that complies with the requirements of API Spec. 16D.
The pressure of annular preventer circuit in control system may be adjusted by remote air-operated regulation. In case of sudden failure of air supply, the pressure can be reset to the initial set value automatically. The control manifold of the remote control panel is equipped with an orifice as an inlet of the pressure source. For example, the nitrogen backup system offered by BPM provides emergent auxiliary energy. If the accumulator and/or the pump cannot provide the control manifold with enough power fluid, the nitrogen backup system may be used to provide high- pressure air to close the preventer. The nitrogen backup system may provide emergency air supply for the driller's panel and the auxiliary control panel.
The system may be provided with an alarm device. It monitors the accumulator pressure, air supply pressure and the liquid level in oil tank. When the above parameters exceed the alarm limits, the signal of sound and light will be given.
The system can be equipped with auxiliary control panel. Air-operated control is adopted in the auxiliary control panel. The system may be operated by driller panel and/or auxiliary control panel may control the remote control panel.
The system can also be equipped with electric heating device of oil tank and air cable. The system may also be equipped with housing with air-conditioner, explosion-proof electrical heating board and explosion-proof air-conditioner.
 Besides the products listed in the table, we can design tailor-made special models according to the customer's requirements.
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